About us

JPerqu was founded in 2011. It is made up of a small team of international entrepreneurs who like technology and a wide variety of other activities like cooking, relaxing, gaming…

And, what do we do? Whatever we can think of that it may seem like a project with a high probability of viability and success. Basically, we like to meet every week and discuss about new ideas that we have come up with or about necesities that we have identified. Then, we discuss those ideas and see its pros and cons. Finally, we vote on whether it would be worth spending time, money and resources to develop any of it. And, once in a while, when a majority of people vote in favour of an idea, then we get going and start developing it. Once finished and launched the product or service, if the project is successful, we create a new division in charge of further developing and maintaining this product or service. This way, in the “headquarters”, the rest of the team begins to think, develop and vote on new ideas from which more projects may emerge.

Our Mission

To detect products and services that people demand or can demand in the future and are economically viable. The latter is important in order to keep JPerqu afloat.

Be made up of a competent team of gentle people that is be able to face any problem that may come.

Our Vision

Become a kind of consultant that provides services and products to new clients who need help.

Our Values

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and four are the main principles that describe how we behave in the world: collaboration, passion, quality and diversity.