The Risk of Electronic Waste

We are surrounded by many electronic devices in every single moment of our lifes: computers, smartphones, tvs, dryers, microwaves, radios, heaters… We live in a world that drives capitalism, in which buying new things is rewarded abd brings ans joy and even a certain status. But we don’t realize about the negative part of all this: the electronic waste, also called e-waste. Let’s understand the risks of the increasing number of e-waste in the world, and how we can tackle this situacion.

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Ethical Aspects of Buyer-Supplier Relationship

The relationship between buyers and suppliers is increasingly important for business competitiveness. No company is self-sufficient, so the purchasing process is a basic function of any company. And it is essential that this relationship is based on trust and transparency in order to reach a win-win situation. So we are reviewing its ethical aspects and several well-known cases of companies that take advantage of their position.

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The Ethics behind the Financial Crisis of 2007 – 2008

Ethics is the condition of balance of people, organizations and societies. That is why, as Antonio Argando├▒a states in his paper, to study and understand the business reality of this crisis three dimensions of ethics must be taken into account. These are the ones that will help us analyze the behaviors that move people in this field. Therefore, these will be the perspectives that will be used to analyze why the financial and political mechanisms that resulted in a global crisis fail.

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A brief look at the SGE 21 Certifiable Company Standard

The SGE 21 certifiable Company Standard intends to value, audit and certify the ethical and socially responsible management of a company. This is the very first European standard tof this kind. And the association that issues it, For├ętica, is a leading organization in Spain and Latin America with more than 15 years of experience in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) issues.

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