An Easy Practice to Unsertand How Easy is to Spy on an Android User

Every day more Android users use their smartphones to access our company’s email, do business, make purchases, access social networks or even to bank accounts through their bank apps. All these services make use of sensitive information of each user. However, the vast majority of these devices are not secure. Additionally, typical users lack extensive security knowledge, which means that their personal data could be at the mercy of various security problems.

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Can Data Collection Software be considered as Malware?

We are being watched every time we use our smartphones or a free mobile app without our permision. Mobile OS and app developers use data collection tools to take our personal data and whatever they want with it. Basically, they are spying on us. So, could these tools be considered a malware? What do they do with this information? Is it legit? In this post we will be answering these questions. 

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Musical Impressions app

This Musical Impressions application is a random generator of artists and songs. The players have to sing the song that has come out on the screen by imitating the voice of the artist that has appeared randomly. An we have gathered the most international artists and the most popular songs of all time for this game.

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