Differences Between Incoterms FOB and CIF

The Incoterms® rules, also known as International Commercial terms, are a series of pre-defined commercial terms that have been published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). There are up to 11 of these international shipping agreements, and two of them (FOB and CIF) are among the most widely used in international commercial maritime transactions. That is why in this blog we bring some clarity and explain their similarities and differences.

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Can Data Collection Software be considered as Malware?

We are being watched every time we use our smartphones or a free mobile app without our permision. Mobile OS and app developers use data collection tools to take our personal data and whatever they want with it. Basically, they are spying on us. So, could these tools be considered a malware? What do they do with this information? Is it legit? In this post we will be answering these questions. 

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The Ethics behind the Financial Crisis of 2007 – 2008

Ethics is the condition of balance of people, organizations and societies. That is why, as Antonio Argandoña states in his paper, to study and understand the business reality of this crisis three dimensions of ethics must be taken into account. These are the ones that will help us analyze the behaviors that move people in this field. Therefore, these will be the perspectives that will be used to analyze why the financial and political mechanisms that resulted in a global crisis fail.

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Why are companies reconsidering their outsourcing strategy?

Companies have been outsourcing part of ther non-critic activities for decades to gain a competitive edge while increasing the focus on the core business or to reduce costs and generate more revenue. But nowadays, in our globalized world, there are also compelling reasons not to do it. Keep reading and take a why some companies are starting to reconsider a outsourcing strategy.

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