All Kingdom Hearts Summon Cinematographics

In Kingdom Hearts videogames saga, a summon is a character that our hero Sora can call upon to aid him in his journey. This is always a well-known Disney or Pixar character that magically appears, after a brief but epic introduction scene, to help Sora fight against Heartless and Nobodies. These summoning cinematographics are so electrifying that I decided to gather all of them, from of all the main Kingdom Hearts for consoles such us the PlayStation, Xbox, PC or even, recently, Nintendo Switch, in high definition quality for this article.

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Pokémon Unite, the successful first MOBA of the Pikachu company

Pokémon UNITE is a free-to-play team combat strategy game developed by The Pokémon Company and TiMi Studios of Tencent Games. It arrived to Nintendo Switch on July 2021 with an overwhelming success, and it is planned to be released on mobile devices (iOS and Android devices) in September 2021. The game will have cross-platform connection between both platforms.

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An Easy Practice to Unsertand How Easy is to Spy on an Android User

Every day more Android users use their smartphones to access our company’s email, do business, make purchases, access social networks or even to bank accounts through their bank apps. All these services make use of sensitive information of each user. However, the vast majority of these devices are not secure. Additionally, typical users lack extensive security knowledge, which means that their personal data could be at the mercy of various security problems.

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The Risk of Electronic Waste

We are surrounded by many electronic devices in every single moment of our lifes: computers, smartphones, tvs, dryers, microwaves, radios, heaters… We live in a world that drives capitalism, in which buying new things is rewarded abd brings ans joy and even a certain status. But we don’t realize about the negative part of all this: the electronic waste, also called e-waste. Let’s understand the risks of the increasing number of e-waste in the world, and how we can tackle this situacion.

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