TV Series Records Broken by The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is the first Disney+ live-action TV series in the Star Wars franchise. It debuted in the streaming platform in 2019 and it has been a massive success from the first chapter. And during this years, it has broken several records. That is why in this post we present the notable records set up to now.

“The Mandalorian” is a television series created by Jon Favreau for the streaming platform Disney+. It is set in the Star Wars universe and takes place after the events of “Return of the Jedi.”

The show follows the adventures of a bounty hunter named Din Djarin, also known as “the Mandalorian,” as he travels through the galaxy on various missions. Along the way, he forms a bond with a young alien child that he is tasked with protecting, known as “The Child” or “Baby Yoda” by fans.

The show has received critical acclaim for its storytelling, characters, and production values. It has been praised for its use of practical effects and puppetry, as well as its use of music and sound design.

The show has also been noted for its nods to classic Westerns and samurai films, with its lone gunslinger protagonist and episodic structure. It has been praised for its ability to capture the spirit of the original Star Wars trilogy while also charting new territory.

“The Mandalorian” has been a commercial and critical success, and has spawned spin-off series such as “The Book of Boba Fett” and “Ahsoka.” Its second season finale featured a surprise cameo that has excited fans and set the stage for future stories in the Star Wars universe.

It is such a success that it has broken several records and set new standards for television series. Here are some of the notable records broken by the show:

1. Largest LED video wall: The show’s production team utilized an innovative LED video wall technology known as “The Volume,” which allowed them to create immersive digital environments that interacted seamlessly with the live action footage. The largest set piece used in “The Volume” measured approximately 75 feet wide and 20 feet tall, making it one of the largest LED screens ever used in a television production.

2. Most expensive television series: According to some reports, the first season of “The Mandalorian” had a budget of approximately $100 million, making it one of the most expensive television series ever produced.

3. Most Emmy nominations for a debut season: The first season of “The Mandalorian” received a total of 15 Emmy nominations, including nods for Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Directing, and Outstanding Writing. This was a record for the most nominations received by a first-year series.

4. Most advanced use of motion capture: The character of Grogu was brought to life through a combination of practical puppetry and advanced motion capture technology. This allowed the show’s animators to create a seamless performance that captured the subtle nuances of the puppeteers’ movements.

5. First use of StageCraft technology: “The Mandalorian” was the first television series to utilize StageCraft, a new virtual production technology developed by Industrial Light & Magic. StageCraft allows filmmakers to create digital sets and environments in real-time, providing a level of visual fidelity and interactivity that was previously unavailable in traditional green-screen productions.

6. First live-action Star Wars TV series: “The Mandalorian” is the first live-action Star Wars series, which has helped to expand the Star Wars universe beyond the movies.

7. Most pirated show of 2020: According to data from TorrentFreak, “The Mandalorian” was the most pirated show of 2020.

8. Highest-rated Star Wars property in a decade: “The Mandalorian” has been praised by both critics and audiences and is currently the highest-rated Star Wars property in a decade.

9. First TV series to use Unreal Engine: “The Mandalorian” is also the first TV series to use Unreal Engine, a video game engine, for its real-time rendering of virtual sets and characters.

10. Most-streamed TV series in the world: According to Parrot Analytics, “The Mandalorian” was the most-streamed TV series in the world in November 2020, beating out other popular shows like “The Crown” and “Stranger Things.”

11. The Mandalorian Season 3 trailer was viewed 83.5 Million times, completely blowing away the previous record for the highest views on a Disney+ Star Wars series, set by Obi Wan Kenobi, with around 58 million views.

Overall, “The Mandalorian” has been a huge success for Disney and has helped to solidify the Star Wars franchise’s place in the world of television.

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