Could the Cordyceps from The Last Of Us cause a pandemic?

In the video game “The Last of Us,” the Cordyceps fungus is a fictional virus that has devastated humanity. In this game’s universe, the Cordyceps fungus is a parasitic fungus that infects the brains of its hosts and takes over their bodies, eventually leading to their death.

In the game, the Cordyceps fungus has mutated and can infect humans, leading to a global pandemic that wipes out most of humanity. The few remaining survivors must navigate a world overrun by infected humans and other dangers as they try to find a way to survive.

Does Corcydeps fungus exist in real life?

Yes, Cordyceps is a real type of fungus that exists in the natural world. There are many different species of Cordyceps fungi, and they are found in various regions across the globe.

Cordyceps fungi have been used for medicinal purposes in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, and modern research has found that they may have a variety of health benefits, such as improving immune function and reducing inflammation.

However, there are other types of Cordyceps that can attack certain arthropods.

How does the Cordyceps attack?

In the natural world, different species of Cordyceps fungi attack their hosts in different ways, but the general process is similar. The Cordyceps fungus infects its host, typically an insect or other arthropod, and grows inside its body, consuming its tissues and organs.

As the Cordyceps fungus grows, it releases chemicals that manipulate the behavior of its host. In some cases, this causes the host to climb to a high point, where it dies and releases spores that can infect other potential hosts.

Could this fungus really cause a pandemic?

The Cordyceps fungus in “The Last of Us” is a fictional creation that has been mutated to infect and kill humans, and in the game’s universe, it poses a significant threat to humanity. If such a virus were to exist in the real world, it would indeed be a significant threat to human health and could potentially cause a global pandemic.

There is currently no known Cordyceps pandemic or virus that can infect humans and cause a global outbreak in real life. While there are many real-world viruses and diseases that pose a significant threat to human health, Cordyceps fungi in nature typically only infect and parasitize insects and other arthropods, and they are not known to pose a significant risk to human health.

It’s important to note, however, that viruses and diseases can mutate and evolve over time, and new threats can emerge. While the likelihood of a Cordyceps pandemic in real life is currently very low, it is always important to monitor and study emerging infectious diseases to help prevent and control potential outbreaks.

Therefore, the likelihood of such a virus existing is very low, and it is purely a work of fiction in the game. In fact, there are many real-world viruses and diseases that pose a significant threat to human health, anf the Cordyceps virus as depicted in “The Last of Us” is not among them.

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