Charades Word Party app

Charades Word Party is a very fun and simple multiplayer Android app game suitable for all audiences and all ages. It consists in guessing the maximum number of words that appears on the phone screen with the help of your friends before time runs out.

This app has been developed and uploaded to the Android Play Store by the JPerquApps division because we found nothing like it developed by a third-party studio. It is true that there are many charades or guess the word like apps in the store that work perfectly and users download. And this app does not intend to reinvent the wheel. That is why the user interface and its usage in general is quite similar to those other apps. However, what makes this one unique is its content: name of brands, cities, nations, popular series, technology, animes, festivals, etc.

The application is very colorful and user-friendly, so it is easy to use. It is also very light, which means that it does not take up much space (about 2.4MB) on the smartphone and also works fluidly. We improve it thanks to the comments of our users and update it to comply with the latest Android policy and security packages.

If you want to try this app out and install it in your Android smartphone just search for the app in the Android Play Store or follow thisĀ link.


Since its official launch many new features have been added. Below is a summary of the most relevant actions and features.

  • You can set a playing time of minimum 30 seconds and maximum 150 seconds.
  • You can choose between free and premium themes. The latter ones are unlocked after watching an ad.
  • It is possible to very easily keep a record of the correct and incorrect words because the app does this job for you: just turn the phone down when you guess a word and turn the phone up when you do not guess the word of the screen. When finished (when the time runs out) the app will show you the complete list of words that have been played.


Below is the complete list of themes that you can play in this app. We believe that the list is quite extensive so that all users who play this application can find many themes of their liking. In any case, suggestions are very welcome.

Each theme encompasses a large number of words. This allows you to play each of them over and over again without the words being noticeably repeated.

Actors, Actresses
Dog breeds
Fashion brands
Football Players
Music Festivals
Car Brands
Game of Thrones (tv series)
Harry Potter
Popular Songs
Social networks
Star Wars
DC Comics
Lord of the Rings
Money Heist (tv series)
Movie Songs
The Simpsons (tv series)
Toy Story


The app only have a few hundred downloads on Google Play Store and Amazon app store. This number may not seem high, but its potential is enormous and we are proud of it. That is why we have no doubt that it could soon become a top-selling app.

How to use it?

The application is very user-friendly and intuitive. When you open it you just have to set some settings if you want, choose a theme among the list and start enjoying the game.


The rules are simple.

1. Hold the phone on your forehead and, PLAY!

2. If you guess the word, turn the phone down.

3. If you do not guess the word, turn the phone up.

4. Try to guess all possible words before time runs out.


JperquApps built the Sing the Word application as an Ad Supported app. Therefore, it is available in the Android Play Store totally free to play. However, sometimes ads provided by the Google advertisement service will appear. These ads help our division keeping the application up to date with the latest updates and improvements.

You can check the privacy policy of this app and some mores details about this app in the official website of the app:

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