Pokémon Unite, the successful first MOBA of the Pikachu company

Pokémon UNITE is a free-to-play team combat strategy game developed by The Pokémon Company and TiMi Studios of Tencent Games. It arrived to Nintendo Switch on July 2021 with an overwhelming success, and it is planned to be released on mobile devices (iOS and Android devices) in September 2021. The game will have cross-platform connection between both platforms.

The game is classified as a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), so it is quite similar to other MOBA games such as League of Legends, Dota, Paragon, Smite, Clash Royale or Arena of Valor. Basically, you play with other 4 players in 5-on-5 team matches. The teammates need to cooperate in order to face the other group of players in a strategic way while catching wild Pokémons to level up, evolve and defeat easily the opponents. But, most importantly, the winner will be decided by the amount of points that each group has scored. This points are gained by collecting the energy that each defeated Pokémon leaves and taking it to one of the bases of the opponents.

Roles in Pokémon UNITE

In total, there are 5 modalities and all Pokémon belong at least to one of them.

  • Offensive: Pokémon with long-range attacks that cause quite a bit of damage to the opponent, but their stamina is low.
  • Agile: Fast Pokémon with good attack that performs fast attacks.
  • Balanced: They have the perfect balance between offensive power and stamina.
  • Defensive: Pokémon that protect their allies and have a huge stamina.
  • Auxiliary: These Pokémon specialize in causing state problems and healing their allies.

Pokémon that can be played

These are all the confirmed Pokémon in the game. Some of them will have to be unlocked or purchased before being able to play them.

  • Pikachu (Offensive)
  • Venusaur (Offensive)
  • Charizard (Balanced)
  • Snorlax (Defensive)
  • Wigglytuff (Auxiliary)
  • Mr. Mime (Auxiliary)
  • Gengar (Agile)
  • Machamp (Balanced)
  • Slowbro (Defensive)
  • Absol (Agile)
  • Lucario (Balanced)
  • Garchomp (Balanced)
  • Crustle (Defensive)
  • Greninja (Offensive)
  • Talonflame (Agile)
  • Alola ninetales (Offensive)
  • Cinderace (Offensive)
  • Eldegoss (Auxiliary)
  • Cramorant (Offensive)
  • Zeraora (Agile)

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