Celebrating PlayStation 1’s 25th Anniversary

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the PlayStation 1 as it was first launched in Japan on 3rd December, 1994. And that is why I dedicate today’s entry to the console itself and to those top-selling games that once become popular and played by gamers all over the world. 

The PlayStation 1, also know as PS1 and PSX, is one of the most memorable video game consoles ever. I still remember in that 1995 year, when I played it for the first time, how amazed I was about the graphics and the quality of the games. There was nothing like it at that time. The other console I used to play was a Game Boy of 1990 and, compared to it, Sony’s console seemed to me like a device of another galaxy.

A bit of history

It all started with a broken contract with Nintendo in the late 1980s. Sony was entering in the video game market by partnering with Nintendo to develop a new disc-based console that was going to be called Super Nintendo. But this partnership was broken long before its launch.

Given this event, Sony computer engineer Ken Kutaragi proposed the idea of ​​entering the video game market completely. Sony at that time had the knowledge, the budget and the technology needed to be able to develop its own video game console. But no department, not even the then-current president Norio Ohga, seemed to like the idea.

After much insistence, this idea became a reality within the Sony Music division, and it was not until November 1993 that the project would have its own section aimed at the development and research of the video game business: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI or SCE).

As a result of these years of hard work and dedication in December 3, 1994 Sony launched the PlayStation 1 in Japan with tremendous success. However, it was not only the console itself that attracted millions of households around the world and purchase it. Much of its success is due the facilities that Sony offered to video game developers so that they could test themselves the benefits of its new console: its technical capacity and the use of the CD as a means of distribution and reading of video games. This caused a call effect among not only large distributors but also medium and small developers. Over the time, the PlayStation achieved to get a very extensive catalog of video games. And it was mostly thanks to this that, in the end, Sony managed to catapult the console as a best seller.

In total, Sony has sold more than 102.49 million PlayStation 1 units, and shipped more than 962 million PS1 games worldwide, making it the second most popular and sold console of Sony, after the PlayStation 2. Therefore, we can say it is one of the most played and memorable consoles of all time.

Best-selling PlayStation 1 games

As said, an important part of the success of the PlayStation 1 was due to the games that were developed to play on it. A wide game catalog enabled Sony’s console to offer entertainment to a large number of people of different tastes, from children to adults.

To commemorate this 25th anniversary and spread the word to young generations about the games that were once considered the best of their time in terms of gameplay and graphics, as well as a resounding success in sales, I have made and uploaded the following video to my YouTube account. Play it!

Of course, this is just a top 10 arranged by number of sales. But there are other very good games that, although they did not become a best seller, they were highly regarded by critics. Here I present you a more complete list of all the PS1 games that have contributed to the success of the console.

No.TitleDevelopersRelease dateSales
1Gran TurismoPolyphony DigitalDecember 23, 199710,850,000
2Final Fantasy VIISquareJanuary 31, 199710,022,228
3Gran Turismo 2Polyphony DigitalDecember 11, 19999,370,000
4Final Fantasy VIIISquareFebruary 11, 19998,600,000
5Tekken 3NamcoMarch 26, 19988,300,000
6Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneArgonaut GamesNovember 15, 20018,000,000
7Tomb RaiderCore DesignOctober 25, 19967,100,000
8Crash BandicootNaughty DogSeptember 9, 19966,820,000
9Tomb Raider IICore DesignOctober 31, 19976,800,000
10Metal Gear SolidKonamiSeptember 3, 19986,000,000
11Tomb Raider IIICore DesignNovember 20, 19985,900,000
12Tekken 2NamcoMarch 29, 19965,700,000
13Crash Bandicoot: WarpedNaughty DogOctober 31, 19985,700,000
14Final Fantasy IXSquareJuly 7, 20005,500,000
15Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes BackNaughty DogNovember 5, 19975,170,000
16Resident EvilCapcomMarch 22, 19965,080,000
17Resident Evil 2CapcomJanuary 21, 19984,960,000
18Spyro the DragonInsomniac GamesSeptember 9, 19984,832,145
19Tomb Raider: The Last RevelationCore DesignNovember 15, 19994,700,000
20Dragon Quest VIIHeartbeatAugust 26, 20004,110,000
21RaymanUbisoft MontpellierSeptember 1, 19954,000,000
22Oddworld: Abe's OddyseeOddworld InhabitantsSeptember 19, 19973,500,000
23Resident Evil 3: NemesisCapcomSeptember 22, 19993,500,000
24Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterNeversoftAugust 31, 19993,500,000
25Spyro 2: Ripto's RageInsomniac GamesNovember 2, 19993,451,064
26FroggerMillennium InteractiveSeptember 30, 19973,370,000
27Spyro: Year of the DragonInsomniac GamesOctober 24, 20003,283,077
28DriverReflections InteractiveJune 30, 19993,220,000
29Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2NeversoftSeptember 20, 20003,150,000
30Croc: Legend of the GobbosArgonaut SoftwareSeptember 29, 19973,000,000
31Driver 2Reflections InteractiveNovember 13, 20002,850,000
32Dino CrisisCapcomJuly 1, 19992,400,000
33Final Fantasy TacticsSquareJune 20, 19972,270,000
34Namco Museum Vol. 3NamcoJune 21, 19962,240,000
35Air CombatNamcoJune 30, 19952,230,000
36WWF War ZoneIguana WestJuly 14, 19982,200,000
37Crash Team RacingNaughty DogOctober 19, 19992,200,000
38Hot Shots GolfCamelot Software PlanningJuly 17, 19972,130,000
39Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3Shaba GamesOctober 29, 20012,110,000
40Mortal Kombat TrilogyAvalanche SoftwareOctober 10, 19962,010,000
41Derby StallionParityBitJuly 17, 19972,000,000
42Silent HillKonamiJanuary 31, 19992,000,000
43Parasite EveSquareMarch 29, 19981,940,000
44WWF SmackDown!Yuke'sMarch 2, 20001,920,000
45Crash BashEurocom DevelopmentsNovember 6, 20001,900,000
46WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your RoleYuke'sNovember 21, 20001,870,000
47Spider-ManNeversoftAugust 30, 20001,850,000
48Tetris PlusNatsumeSeptember 6, 19961,770,000
49Syphon FilterEideticFebruary 17, 19991,750,000
50Twisted Metal 2989 StudiosOctober 31, 19961,740,000
51007: Tomorrow Never DiesBlack Ops EntertainmentNovember 16, 19991,720,000
52Need for Speed III: Hot PursuitEA CanadaMarch 25, 19981,700,000
53Namco Museum Vol. 1NamcoNovember 22, 19951,650,000
54Medal of HonorDreamWorks InteractiveOctober 31, 19991,640,000
55A Bug's LifeTraveller's TalesNovember 18, 19981,500,000
56Chrono CrossSquareNovember 18, 19991,500,000
57Legacy of Kain: Soul ReaverCrystal DynamicsAugust 16, 19991,500,000
58Madden NFL 99EA TiburonJuly 31, 19981,500,000
59Madden NFL 2000EA TiburonJuly 31, 19991,480,000
60PaRappa the RapperNanaOn-ShaDecember 6, 19961,470,000
61NFL GameDay 98989 StudiosJuly 31, 19971,470,000
62Rugrats: Search for Reptarn-SpaceOctober 31, 19981,460,000
63Grand Theft Auto 2DMA DesignOctober 25, 19991,450,000
64Hot Shots Golf 2Clap HanzJuly 29, 19991,440,000
65Cool Boarders 3Idol MindsSeptember 30, 19981,430,000
66Syphon Filter 2EideticMarch 14, 20001,420,000
67Tomb Raider ChroniclesCore DesignNovember 17, 20001,400,000
68Need for Speed: High StakesEA CanadaMarch 1, 19991,390,000
69Jet Moto 2989 StudiosOctober 31, 19971,310,000
70WCW NitroInland ProductionsJanuary 31, 19981,300,000
71Twisted Metal III989 StudiosOctober 31, 19981,290,000
72Dance Dance RevolutionKonamiApril 10, 19991,270,000
73Jet MotoSingleTracOctober 31, 19961,270,000
74Spec Ops: Stealth PatrolRunecraftJune 5, 20001,270,000
75Madden NFL 98EA TiburonJuly 31, 19971,250,000
76The Legend of DragoonSCE Japan StudioDecember 2, 19991,240,000
77Pac-Man WorldNamcoOctober 12, 19991,240,000
78Dragon Quest IVHeartbeatNovember 22, 20011,232,071
79Cool Boarders 2UEP SystemsAugust 28, 19971,210,000
80XenogearsSquareFebruary 11, 19981,209,479
81Dino Crisis 2CapcomSeptember 13, 20001,200,000
82Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden MemoriesKonamiDecember 9, 19991,200,000
83MonopolyGremlin InteractiveNovember 6, 19971,190,000
84Ace Combat 3: ElectrosphereNamcoMay 27, 19991,164,000
85NASCAR 98Stormfront StudiosNovember 17, 19971,160,000
86NBA Live 98EA CanadaNovember 30, 19971,150,000
87Chocobo's Mystery DungeonSquareDecember 22, 19971,140,000
88NASCAR 99Stormfront StudiosSeptember 28, 19981,140,000
89Tales of DestinyWolf TeamDecember 23, 19971,139,000
90NFL GameDay 99989 StudiosJuly 31, 19981,120,000
91Arc the LadG-CraftJune 30, 19951,100,000
92Devil DiceShiftJune 18, 19981,100,000
93beatmaniaKonamiOctober 1, 19981,100,000
94Derby Stallion 99ParityBitSeptember 30, 19991,100,000
95SaGa FrontierSquareJuly 11, 19971,095,226
96Star Ocean: The Second Storytri-AceJuly 30, 19981,094,000
97Ace Combat 2NamcoMay 30, 19971,092,000
98Parasite Eve IISquareDecember 16, 19991,090,000
992Xtreme989 StudiosNovember 6, 19961,090,000
100Test Drive 5Pitbull SyndicateSeptember 30, 19981,080,000

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