Negative Reaction to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is the most expected first-person shooter video game of the year. However, apparently the new trailer is not receiving good critics. In fact, the 2 million dislikes on YouTube places the trailer as the third most-hated video of all the platform, only behind Rebecca Black’s Friday and Justin Bieber’s stupid song.

But why is it that the shooter game community is so dissapointed by this upcoming release? I am explaining this next, but first check the trailer out and come to your own conclusions.

It seems that the very main reason why gamers do not agree with the upcoming videogame is the fact that video game does not consider the Earth as its main scenario. Instead it is featuring a plot that takes you across the solar system. Apparently, many people were waiting to go back to a WWI warfare scenario, and instead Activision gave them a space scenario with a futuristic plot. That is why they are so dissapointed right now.

Company CEO Eric Hirshberg responded with this phrase to these critics about the modernity of the video game: “Of course we know that there are people in our community who are nostalgic for the boots-on-the-ground-style gameplay, and that’s why we made Modern Warfare Remastered. But we also have millions of people in our community who want to have new innovative experiences in the game each year and Infinite Warfare is going to deliver that. And the good news is this year we found a way to deliver both in one package while keeping our community together.”

Curiously, Battlefield 1 has gathered more than 1 million likes so far on YouTube, making it the most liked trailer of all YoutTube. Right now, Activision must be stunned by these numbers.

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