New Gollum Video Game Confirmed – Teaser and Details

After many years of rumors about a video game with Gollum himself as the protagonist, its arrival on the Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and PC has finally been confirmed. The launch is officially scheduled for 2021. And to increase the hype, a teaser has been just published.

In this game we will be able to know the history of the character and advance by his side with the firm objective of obtaining the unique ring. A game in which, according to its developers, exploration and stealth will be of great importance.


According to lead game designer Martin Wilkes from Daedalic, the German video game developer and publisher, the game will be 100% based on Tolkien’s original story rather than in Peter Jackson’s insterpretation and movies. “Peter Jackson’s movies are fantastic but our game is based on the original book license. Our world follows the same descriptions and is also in parts inspired by the same artworks as were the movies. Their influence on popular culture has been tremendous, so we have to be mindful of players who might only know Middle-earth from the two film trilogies.”

Apparently, there will be a greater number of scenarios than those seen during Peter Jackson’s movies. This means they will be unmarked from the history of the new series of The Lord of the Rings from Amazon.

The story

About the main plot of the game, the story will be set before Gollum meets Frodo and his fellowship. Wilkes adds that Gollum’s overall goal in the game is “a bit more complicated. Obviously, Gollum wants to escape his captors and retake the Ring (and hopefully get his hands on some nice fish along the way). After some time, though, the Sméagol-side causes trouble and distractions and opens up new, conflicting goals that we cannot talk about yet.”


Daedalic have published in its Youtube account the first trailer of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum game. In this video of just 1 minute duration Daedalic presents the gameplay mechanics, settings and aesthetics.

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