New Relaxing YouTube Account

We have launched our official YouTube channel where we will be uploading relaxing videos. This channel will be associated with our relaxing webpage, in order to bring you the best content possible. Do you want to know what are our future plans for it?

Basically, after a month that our relaxing webpage went live, we knew that there was something missing: media content. That is why we felt the need to add visual content to our webpage such as images, audios and videos. We started then creating our own media content or buying it. But we soon realized that we were going to run into a big problem.

Images and audios are two types of media content that we wanted to use in our website. These are easily stored and organized on the servers we have purchased. However, we also wanted to upload videos, and this content is much more complex and takes up far much more disk space. In other words, we did not have the technological capacity, the infrastructure nor the money to maintain our own video warehouse. What is more, users increasingly demand more higher-quality content, which translates to high-definition videos of 1080p (also known as HD) or 2160p (also known as 4K) resolution. So, over time, this problem would get worse. And it is in this context, in which streaming content is also becoming increasingly popular, in which we decided to get rid of all of these problems and make use of the YouTube platform to upload and share our videos.

(Updated June 2020) Now, after more that 3 years since the launch of our YouTube channel, we are more than happy of our decision. The channel has more than 30 millions views and more that 35K subscribers. In addition, YouTube continues to be the leader online video-sharing platform, so everyday it offers more and better features to content creators.

Nowadays, we are still looking for the best content and we try to upload new videos when there is something worth uploading. Furthermore, we try to maintain high quality standards, since we only create content in high definition or even 4K.

If you want to check our YouTube channel, then click on the logo of our channel or on the following link.

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