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The website has been meticulously created and it is full of the best relaxing media content. You will be able to find contest videos in 4K/HD quality, peaceful music, visual graphics and astonishing images that will let you concentrate and calm when and where you need.

But, why creating this online site? Nowadays, it is not easy to find relaxing moments. We have gotten used to be busy all the time and we are unable to spend a single minute in ourselves in our free time. Using smartphones, playing video games, chatting with friends, gossiping them on social networks… these are the types of actions we tend to repeat every day but we do not realize that they can bring stress, envy and anxiety to our lives.

Taking into account this context, we started to develop this web so that people could find a relaxing moment in their lives. A break in their daily routine that can be accessed through our most precious devices: smartphone, SmartTV, tablet orcomputer. Therefore, the website was released with the main mission of becoming one of the the leading websites and YouTube channels in terms of 4K quality relaxing videos and content in general. That is why we like to think this site is a kind of Netflix full of relaxing content, and that is why privately we also call this project Napflix or Restflix.

Next, we would like to present the structure of this web page and its content.

Relaxing Videos

This section presents the best videos of relaxation that we have collected over the time for all of you who want to relax, calm down, clear your mind, eliminate stress or simply use the videos as a beautiful wallpaper or screensaver on any digital device.

You will be invited to explore your creativity. That is why you will have at your disposal a video gallery with a wide variety of themes such as sunsets, the moon, a wide variety of animals, the space, the oceans or a fidget spinner, among others. And mostly you will find abstract videos of colored particles that will flow around your screen in order to give free rein to your imagination.

Relaxing Techniques

There are relaxing techniques that can help us overcome many negative situation in our lives: fight the symptoms of depression, reduce the stress levels, boost memory, improve quality of sleep, reduce your blood pressure…

In this section these techniques are explained briefly.


Today’s society has found in classes like yoga, pilates and raiki a way to escape from daily routine. But when that is not possible, there are other quicker ways to get zen.

Scientific studies of many prestigious psychologists have always inform the benefits of staring at green spaces, blue skies and high mountainous areas. That is why people who live in small towns or villages fell less mental distress than those living in big cities. But for those city-dwellers that do not have access or views to these natural resources photographs can do the trick. In these cases, gazing at colorful and vivid images can deliver those moments of that needed peace.

Shooting your own photographs, sharing those beautiful moments with others or just staring at them can actually have a good psychological impact on our mood. It fosters creativity, helps us remember the past, increases creativity and productivity, keeps you in a good mood and, in general, makes you happy.

This section presents you several categories of photographs to choose that expresses different feelings so that you are able to find the image that best suits your actual mood.

Visual Graphics

This section presents the best visual graphics or effects collected over the time and created with JavaScript technology for all of you who want to relax, calm down, clear your mind, eliminate stress or simply use the visual graphics as a beautiful wallpaper or screensaver on any digital device such as computers, tablets, smart tvs or smartphones.

Relaxing Sounds

Music has been used to meditate for hundreds of years and recently scientific studies have studied and listed the types of sounds, instruments and music genres that most help us relax: jazz and classical music, nature sounds (for example, the sound of thunder, rain or water flowing), the use of stringed-instruments and the flute, and Celtic music.

This section presents a narrow but complete set of sound categories to choose from. This way, you can play the sound that best suits your actual mood every time you want.

“It is nice finding that place where you can just go and relax.”

Moises Arias

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