Tips to Save Battery when Playing Pokemon Go

Nintendo has already released Pokemon Go, an app which brings all the experience of Pokemon, battles and trainers to smartphones. And starting from today, July 8th, the app will also be available in the US for both iOS and Android platforms. We have already tried it, and all we can say is that it is amazing. Well done Nintendo!

Until now it has only been officially available to users in Australia and New Zealand, leaving the rest of the globe with the need to wait a little longer. But this has not stopped the rest of the world from searching on the Internet, downloading the application and starting hunting pokemons in the world that surrounds them. That is why Niantic, the developer of the app, is dealing with some server problems due to the huge amount of players that are trying to play the game and were not expected.

The launch of Pokemon Go has been received with joy by the entire community of players that possess either an iPhone or an Android phone with Android KitKat or higher. But as said, the fact that the application requires both GPS and mobile network to be turned on continiously highly increases the consumption of battery of your smartphone. In fact, many players have claimed watching the percentage numbers of their phone battery decrease almost in real time.

In order to lower the suffering of your smartphone’s battery here we leave you the following short video. It explains the best solution found to date in order not to harm the performance of the application and at the same time gain some extra minutes of autonomy. Hope you find it useful!

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